Granular Marble Texture

Marble Trowel On is a blend of selected marble and coloured mineral aggregates set in a 100% acrylic binder providing

Polished Plaster / Marmorino

Marmorino from the Durodeco range of wall finishes is a lime based venetian style plaster designed. Beautification of internal and

Why choose Acrylic Texture over painted render?

Generally Builders and Project decision makers are willing to trust that cement based renders painted with conventional decorative paint will

Acrylic Textures

The products we use are the best available on the market, utilising new age technology. The Vetrofino is a finely


Top coat membranes – external re painting of render Durocoat HP from the range of wall finishes is a medium

Acrylic coatings for blueboard, AFS, concrete/patching compounds

Shrinkage compensated acrylic patching compound is a high quality, 100% acrylic-emulsion
patching material designed for the permanent repair of interior and exterior substrates prior to the application of architectural wall finishes.

Why choose Texture by Design?

  • 7 year guarantee on materials and 15 years with an elastomeric roll on membrane
  • Quality and service
  • Obligation free quotation
  • Wealth of knowledge
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