Why choose Acrylic Texture over painted render?

Acrylic-RendersGenerally Builders and Project decision makers are willing to trust that cement based renders painted with conventional decorative paint will give long lasting protection for years. The fact is that the combinations of cement render with decorative paints only deliver a short-term decorative solution, which quickly begins to crack and deteriorate thus losing its aesthetic appeal to building owners.

The initial visual look of painted sponge finish render look is very similar to the most widely specified and used Acrylic Texture “Sand Finish” style desired of today’s contemporary architecture but that’s where the similarities end with a significant performance gap between two types of systems.

Acrylic Texture Coatings – These are 100% acrylic products and the most popular finishes among residential builders & homeowners. These are flexible full acrylic texture coating systems that can accommodate cement render daily stresses caused by expansion and contraction from temperature changes. Acrylic Texture coatings protect against alkali attack and won’t shrink or crack over rendered substrates. These finishes deliver the most uniform, even finish to ensure complete mortar joint blockout and when top coated with a roll on membrane mid build elastomeric topcoat, it provides ultimate protection from atmospheric pollutants, salt air, water ingress, dirt accumulation & carbon dioxide substrate and deliver colour accuracy.